Great classic gym for weightlifting (and everything else). Not super posh or stylish but it’s clean and has everything you need. There are lots of free weight lifting stations. I go in the early afternoon and have never had to wait for a station or weights. There are also lots of different kinds of weight and cardio machines. The manager is very nice. I like it that there is daylight and a really high ceiling, the place feels very spacious and not cramped. The place feel very chilled, no one shows off, so if you want to try weightlifting it’s a very friendly place to do so. They also have very reasonable weekly/monthly membership fees if you are visiting or want to try the place out. The locker rooms are basic and need an upgrade, but I haven’t had to use them. They look ok from the outside.

Adela Deanova

I’ve been going to Rise for a year now and I love it! The feel in that gym is not like all these other gyms, people are there to workout and get in shape! This isn’t a fashion show or social outing! They have amazing spinning classes and so so many equipment! My boyfriend joined about 6 months ago and he loves it too!

Lily G.

Best gym in the area. You can always get a quality workout in regardless of the time. Welcomes all levels of fitness enthusiasts. It’s a hidden gem, this gym has everything you need and membership prices are favorable.

Chrystian Gallego

Awesome gym would highly recommend. Lots of machines that most chain gyms don’t have. Gym is large and very well equipped. Staff is very friendly.

Luis Deza

I have been a member at this gym for three years and definitely recommend it. The staff is very friendly, there are plenty of machines and weights, and the classes offered are up to par. Jairo and Maria make classes enjoyable; you get your money’s worth!

Melissa Betancourt

I love the Classes Maria is Fantastic, Anibal is also the best too bad he does not teach in the afternoon but all the teachers there are exceptional is very convenient since is close to my home I just love this place.

Silvia Bonet

Great place not full at the time I go great people that work there like the place.

R. Blanco Hidalgo

I’ve been going there for about 4 years and its waaaaaay better than any other gym I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to most of them). Theres a sense of friendliness and family. Lots of parking. Supplement shop with highly knowledgable supplement sales associates. The little smoothie shop is great as well. It has supplements for workouts if u forget your own, wraps, meal plans, healthy breakfast and lunch options.

Warren Lanham

This is the third gym I’ve tried since I started working out; however, this is the only gym I stuck with for so long. I couldn’t think of leaving a gym that offers everything I need.

Fair price, kind staff, decent hours, no judgment, and great equipment. I walk into the gym, get lost in my own world and leave. The best feeling ever.

Yarly Cabello

Not just a Gym but family you can always come home to Family then GET TRAINED with family, CMON!

Antonio Higgs

Great gym! It’s clean, great machines, friendly staff and awesome trainers (Maria Cruz) and the members clean the machines after using and they re-rack their weights!!

Cristy Munoz

I’ve been to alot of gyms over the years and rise is without a doubt the best gym you will find for the money.

Jason Calgaro

I’ve been going To Rise Also known as Golds gym for years. It’s where I met many friends. I have to say the spinning classes are excellent and so are Maria’s classes.

Briseis MyAngel

Clean, uncrowded, professional staff, great equipment, the right atmosphere for positive results. All areas of workout covered. Plus showers and lockers. 5 star no doubt.

Juan Luis Perez

Awesome gym my first visit was yesterday March 13 and I had an amazing workout, has all the equipment you need and great if you are a serious bodybuilder.

Joe Shredz

Truly Inspirational—A determined dynasty…Glad to be a part of Rise.

Lisa Borrero

This is the best gym where you can go, nice people, very nice trainers, open from 5 am to 12 midnight.

Eunice Valenzuela

I love that it’s close to my house. Very friendly staff always clean and machines are available when I am there.

Troy Chin Pang

Love this place, best place to work out! Pumped!

Flora Orroya

I Love my Trainer Sabrina She teach Silver Sneakers She is Outstanding I Recommend her. The Environment is awesome.

What a Beautiful And Loving Group of People.

At the Check in Desk she is so Amazing. You hired the Right Person Great Attitude, Great Personality and Very Respectable. Just love it!

Sophornia Otis